Moto China embrace Baidu

After broadly adopting Android, Motorola’s Rocky-style bounce back is dependent on the platform being a success. Investors have been alarmed by Google’s dispute with the Chinese powers-that-be over censorship and cyber-hacking, so Moto has said ‘Hello’ to Baidu, and will provide access to the rival as an alternative search engine, on its Chinese launches.

All part of a plan to de-googleise Android phones for China, protecting the potentially huge market even if Google take the nuclear option and decide to pull-out, however unlikely this is. The decision also showcases the adaptability of an Android build.

Chinese subscribers aren’t yet crazy for apps, popularised and raising billions of sales dollars in the West after two and a half years of iPhone dominance. But thinking ‘if you build it, they will come’, Motorola wants to change the situation and lay claim to a stake early, launching its own app phone site. In English it will be called SHOP4APPS, and the Chinese name roughly translates as ‘little place to find App Wisdom’.

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