Siemens denies aiding Iranian web snoops

Siemens has denied breaking any laws in its dealings with Iran after rights groups accused the German industrial giant of flogging web-monitoring technology to the unpopular Republic.

The company was forced to speak out following statements from a human-rights group, The Threatened People's Defence Society, which accused Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) of making, "a considerable contribution to the suppression of the opposition by supplying technology to Iran which makes possible a comprehensive internet surveillance."

"The spying equipment enables the regime to censure websites for Iranian Internet users, to control individual communication on the Internet and to track down critics of the regime," the threatened folk alleged.

Joe Kaeser, Siemens's head of corporate finance, told a news conference attended by an AFP hack: "We have no reason to think that we have not acted correctly or in a legal manner in Iran,"

A joint venture between Siemens and Nokia, NSN has previously admitted shipping call-tapping technology to Iran but denied it could be used to monitor Internet communications.