Technology site succumbs to hack attack

Technology news portal Tech Crunch suffered a temporarily fatal attack early this morning after a hacker replaced the site's normal menu of technology blather with an obscene message and a link to a legally suspicious rapid download warez site.

Conspiracy theories abound that TC was attacked so close to 'T day' when Apple is supposed to announce its fabled tablet computer, because of the site's pro-Apple stance.

A statement on the site says,"At approximately 10:30 pm PST on Monday evening the main site in the Tech Crunch Network was hacked and redirected. The site was back up briefly at 11:30 pm but shortly went down again. As of 2:00 am, the site is back up and appears to be stable. At this point we’re still gathering information on how the site was compromised, and will update this post with additional information."

Being hacked is a bit like being asked to make a guest appearance on The Simpsons. If you're seen as important enough to be worth the effort, you've probably made it.

The folks at Tech Crunch must be so proud!