Book boss drops Apple tablet bomb

The Chief exec of American text book publisher McGraw Hill, Terry McGraw, may find himself scrubbed off of Steve Jobs' Christmas card list next year after confirming that Apple will release a tablet computer later today.

McGraw dropped the clanger in an interview on US news network CNBC last night.

"They'll make their announcement tomorrow on this one," he said, looking more than a little sheepish, continuing: "We have worked with Apple on this one for quite a while."

Although the announcement of tablet device from Apple at this evening's media circus won't come as a surprise to anyone with an operational brain, Apple has always kept the technical and physical secrets of its launches incredibly well. It's not clear whether McGraw's interview was planted to whip up even more hype before the event, but if his statement was not sanctioned by Apple's inner sanctum, he won't be welcome to wheatgrass smoothie night at the Cupertino Campus any time soon.

Especially since one of the closest guarded secrets was which OS the fabled device would use. Thanks to the bookish boss, it's a secret no more: "The Tablet is going to be based on the iPhone operating system, and so it wil be transferable," he said. "We have a consortium of e-books and the tablet will open up the higher education market and the professional market. The tablet is going to be just really terrific."

Internet copies of the news broadcast are reported to be falling like flies but it's not clear whether the take-down requests are being issued by Apple or CNBC.

Either way, you should watch it sooner rather than never.