Calacanis "Discloses" Details Of Apple Tablet hours Before Launch

Jason Calacanis, founder of Engadget, Serial internet Entrepreneur and controversial owner of, has released some details of the soon to be released Tablet from Apple saying that Apple had asked him to "do press tomorrow on CNBC, CNN etc".

He said that he was given the tablet 10 days ago and described the device, on his Twitter account, as one which would come with an OLED screen. He also said to his 96,000 or so followers that the tablet will be solar powered thanks to a panel on the back.

The iPhone OS, he adds, will be multi tasking capable and there will be thumb pads on both sides for mouse gestures and fingerprint recognition. Up to five profiles can be stored which could mean that Apple might want to promote it more as a computer that can be shared.

There will also be two cameras, WiFi and will come with some ground-breaking innovation including a built-in HDTV tuner with PVR capabilities and even Farmville - Facebook's most popular game - and Chess as games on the platform.

He added on his Twitter page that "Facial recognition apple tablet is nuts. When you hold it up it recognises you and pulls your desktop/apps, hand to family member it switches".

What else? There will be connectors for a wireless keyboard and mouse and the device's price will vary from $599 to $799 depending on the screen size as well as the amount of memory on the device.

Our Comments

Seriously though, three quarters of what he said is not true as it would make the Tablet unusable, too expensive or simply too complicated to run. That said, we fully expect Apple to come up with a docking station for the Tablet like the Pre which will offer a number of features. Why not couple it with Apple TV or convert the latter into a docking/wireless charging station?

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