Cisco Debuts Protocol For Videoconferencing Soltuions

In an attempt to tighten its grip on the lucrative video conferencing market, Cisco Systems has rolled-out an interoperability protocol for multi-screen videoconferencing that will allow companies with Cisco software to communicate effortlessly with companies that use software by other vendors.

The TelePresence Interoperability Protocol will allow its customers to communicate with vendors, partners and suppliers in an energy efficient way along with offering an ‘immersive’ TelePresence experience.

The five new Cisco TelePresence experiences take face-to-face virtual collaboration to classrooms, facilitate virtual brainstorming, provide instant in-person help desk support, create a worldwide virtual showroom, and deliver a new streaming service for global virtual events

Jacqueline Roy, a Cisco spokesperson, commenting on the newly launched revolutionary software, said during an announcement that “The TelePresence Interoperability Protocol builds on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and is used between media endpoints to signal information related to the various media streams involved in an immersive Cisco TelePresence call.”

The US-based networking and communications technology vendor also announced the release of enhanced versions of its flagship Cisco TelePresence System 3000 and Cisco TelePresence System 3200 endpoint software that are focused on offering better energy utilisation and a faster installation process for a more cost effective IT support.

Our Comments

Cisco is on a ride lately. It has managed to secure some very significant acquisitions last year and things are bound to get even more interesting as the recession recedes and companies start to look at ways to become more efficient. Using video conferencing rather than expensive physical face-to-face meetings being one of the things they normally look at.

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