Cisco, NetApp and VMWare To Form Cloud Alliance

Cisco, NetApp and VMware have announced a joint project which will be aimed at improving the security aspects related to virtualization deployment in light of the increasing interest displayed by numerous companies to completely virtualise their datacenters.

The project, Secure Multitenancy Design Architecture (SMDA), is aimed at isolating the IT resources and applications of different business that share a common cloud infrastructure.

SMDA has been designed to work with the existing virtualisation products offered by all three companies including Cisco Unified Computing System, Cisco Nexus Switches, NetApp FAS storage with MultiStore software, which is capable of creating logical partitions within a storage systems and VMware’s vSphere virtualization software with vShield.

VMware chief Paul Maritz, commenting on the partnership, added that “The dynamic datacentre built on VMware vSphere, along with Cisco and NetApp technologies will provide the foundation for both private and public clouds and the ability to move data and applications between these clouds.”

The Secure Multi-tenancy Design Architecture offers details about implementing and configuring the data center framework. This validated design framework significantly increases business flexibility by helping administrators to establish the appropriate quality of service for each resource layer and to deliver consistent performance levels for the applications in each layer.

Our Comments

This partnership has the ambition of becoming the premier virtualisation environment. Interestingly, those three firms do not have much overlap in between them, which could offer some interesting possibilities given how hungry Cisco has been lately with regards to aggressive acquisitions.

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