A Deeper Analysis Of Engadget's Apple Tablet PC Photos

The photos published earlier today by Engadget appear to be showing an authentic Tablet PC that bears all the hallmarks of an Apple device. Just hours before the official launch of the tablet and this is by far the most convincing picture we've seen even if it could be a fake.

The first thing that made us frown was that Apple chose a 4:3 screen format rather than the iPhone/iPod Touch more current widescreen 16:9 one. What would it entail? Well, widescreen movies will have two large bars on both sides.

Apple might have chosen this option for optimal compatibility with the bulk of movies/programmes on the market and because it is closer to the letter/A4 paper format.

Based on the fourth snapshot from Engadget series, the picture below shows how six iPhone smartphones could fit comfortably on the screen of the new tablet and from it, we can gather that the Tablet PC will come with a slightly glossy LCD screen.

Our estimates show that the new tablet should be 289mm high x 217mm wide (2.5 times and 3.5 times the iPhone's respective height and width) whereas the size of the screen is approximately 220mm x 170mm. This gives us a diagonal of 27.8 cm, around 11-inch display, larger than the 10-inch expected.

Below, a sketch showing an oversize iPod Touch covering the photo of the Engadget-sourced Apple tablet.