Google Catching Up With Microsoft In The Lobbying Sector

A recent report published on CNet is indicating that the search engine bellwether Google is rapidly catching up with Microsoft in terms of annual lobbying spending.

As per the latest reports on lobbying spending filed by the search giant with the Senate, the company has significantly raised its outlay as against past couple of years.

Citing the Lobbying Disclosure Act Database, the website noted that Google had spent around $1.52 million on lobbying, while in 2008 the amount rose to a more significant $2.84 million.

But, the lobbying investment of Google for the year 2009 breezed past its past two years spending to reach more than $4 million.

This is perhaps no surprise given the sharply growing concerns of US antitrust officials over the rising number of merger and acquisition deals penned by the search giant in recent years.

This is pegged for a further rise in near future as the search giant firms up its ambitious business expansion plans, which as of now includes a $750 million acquisition of advertising start up firm AdMob.

In addition, a UK-based analyst Brian Wilson writing for tech news website The Inquirer, is claiming that the search engine giant is moving "aggressively" to become the tech world’s next "evil" empire after Microsoft.

Our Comments

Google is quietly turning into the next Apple or the next Microsoft. We don't know whether it's because of the vast amount of money that Google is currently worth or because of the overarching influence that it is exerting on global culture. Google is already a cultural and economic icon.

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