HP Previews Microsoft Slate Tablet Gadget

Just when Apple is expected to announce its much awaited tablet device, Hewlett-Packard decided to give a sneak review of its very own HP Slate tablet device, which has been developed jointly with Microsoft Corp.

In a video posted on YouTube, HP CTO Phil McKinney showed off the sleek tablet device, which will be offered to the masses at an affordable price tag sometime in 2010.

The video, rather than highlighting the specifications of the device, turned out to be a question-answer session about the development of the device in which a HP representative was asking questions which were being answered by McKinney.

McKinney, explaining the origins of the device, which was first unveiled by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at the Consumer Electronic Show at Las Vegas, said that HP Slate is neither a prototype nor a concept device and is an actual device which will go into mass production.

He added that the Slate was first conceived 5 years ago as an e-Reader prototype but as technology advanced, the device evolved, with ‘rich media experience’ as its core mission.

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He added that due to the availability of low-power processors, the Windows 7 OS and better touch-screen technology, it was now possible to offer the product at an affordable price:” We could have built the device two years ago, but it would have been $1,500." He did not say what its actual price would be though.

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