IBM Bets On Sun Microsystems Uncertainties To Poach New Customers

In an attempt to further exploit the uncertainty that hovers above Sun Microsystems products after its acquisition by Oracle Corp., International Business Machines has announced plans to step-up its strategy of ‘stealing’ customers from Sun and help them migrate to IBM’s business software offerings.

IBM has rolled-out out a new software update for its Migration Factory software that allows businesses to easily transfer their workload from Sun’s infrastructure to that of IBM’s.

This solution has been around for almost four years now and is aimed at those businesses that are no longer loyal to Sun but don’t bother to change.

Explaining the functionality of the new software update, IBM said in a statement that the software offers tools that will help businesses to automate some manual process that help accelerate Sun Microsystems migrations.

According to the Big Blue, the software code identifies customers that are using Sun’s software, provisions the target IBM environment and streamlines workload transmissions.

The updated version of Migration Factory will also provide software that will automate migration of application and middleware from Sun Solaris to Linux or Suns AIX operating system. This will allow Sun customers to shift to IBM systems within days rather than weeks.

Our Comments

IBM will be playing the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) game and is likely to score a number of wins. Corporate customers hate uncertainty and Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems did throw a number of questions on the table. The next 12 months will be critical for Oracle if it doesn't want its Sun investment to melt down.

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