iPad is just what we all knew it would be

So the Interweb is having a bit of a breather and the cleaners at the Apple iBookstore at the Yerba Buena Center for the Performing Arts in San Francisco are mopping up bodily fluids left behind by over-excited fanbois.

It’s half an inch think, weighs 1.5 pounds is thinner and lighter than any netbook and comes with a 9.7-inch 4:3 touchscreen made of glass, Mo'Jobs told an assembling of the faithful today, referring to a thing called the iPad.

The iPhone that won't fit in your pocket is powered by a 1GHz Apple A4 chip, which takes care of both processing and graphics. This is probably the most interesting thing we learnt today.

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Apple is now in the chip business thanks to its devouring of P.A. Semi and it's come up with a wee chip which, despite Jobso's protestations, puts the iPad firmly in the netbook class of device - just one you have to finger rather than usefully type on. The thing will only let you run one app at a time.

It comes in a few flavours. There's a choice of 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB of flash storage. Connectivity is handled by 802.11n WI-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1. Some models come with 3G connectivity, provided by AT&T in the US at $30 a month unlimited or $15 capped at 250MB downloads.

And it even has a compass so you won't need GPS or Sat Nav.

The device can be sat in a keyboard dock and most people will have to lug that around with them if they want the thing to be useful.

Think of it as glossy magazine you can leave lying about on the coffee table when the neighbours come round. Just to make up for what's lacking in other areas.

Apple also took the opportunity to put its iBookstore online, which is where the wonga's really at.

Prices start at $499 rising to $829 for the 64Gb model equipped with both Wifi and 3G. These are likely to translate straight into pounds sterling, making the device a pretty expensive netbook.