Live updates from the Apple media circus

We'll be here watching all of the live blog feeds and getting you the skinny as soon as it happens, just keep hitting the refresh button...

And it's all over. Journos shuffle off to have a fiddle.

Steve is back up saying that there are 75 million people who already know how to use the iPad

Video plays. Designer Jonny Ive is talking about magical devices. Crowd waits for unicorn to deliver pizza. More slots and port are visible in the video but it's not clear what they are. Ive says it's the most advanced piece of tech he's worked on at Apple.

There's a really smart keyboard dock that turns the whole shebang into a laptop-like desktop computer. Looks like there's only one dock connector though, so it's portrait mode only. Case looks cool.

Wifi only models are shipping in 60 days, 3G in 90 days. They must have some more contracts to tie up.

So how much is the hardware Steve? Holds breath. Good Gawd. Pricing starts at $499! Get me two right now! Cheapest is 16GB with wifi and no 3G. Top of the range is 64GB with wifi and 3G is $829.

Steve is back on stage and it must be said he looks a lot better than he he did at his last keynote. Still thin but less gaunt. He's talking about connectivity. Every iPad has Wifi, but he announces a US data plan at $14.99 for 250MB of data or $29.99 for unlimited data with AT&T, with free use of wifi hotspots. No contract. You can cancel it any time.

International deals are expected June or July. All ipads are unlocked and use GSM microsims.

Phil Schiller is up to talk about a re-engineered iWork. Spread sheets.... yada yada. Yawn. New interface looks nice but they'd better come up with something spectacular soon. People are starting to nod off.

iWork Apps will be $10 each which is pretty cheap when you look at the price of MS Office.

Book reader is next up. Shows it next to a Kindle page. Kindle page looks rubbish. "Isn't that awesome? These guys only had two weeks. So we've seen some really great apps. Let me show you another... one of our apps. That's an ebook reader. Now Amazon has done a great job of pioneering this... we're going to stand on their shoulders for this. Our new app is called iBooks."

Penguin, Harper Collins, Simon and Schuster, and McMillan are all partners, as expected.

Gorgeous page animation, book store has same feel as iTunes. Uses the ePub format.

Chad Evans from is showing a baseball game. Yeah that's right Apple. Keep your international audience happy.

EA is next up. Need fo Speed Shift demo looks pretty tasty. Some new touch controls... and he's off.

A demo of a new app called Brushes which looks like Photoshop lite. Pretty impressive.

Next up newspapers. Some geezer from the New York Times gets up and says: We wanted to create something special for the iPad." Shows smart looking newspaper page with drop-down menus and embedded video. Very smart.

Game developers have had the hardware for just 2 weeks and Mark Hickey from Gameloft steps up. He's playing a pretty standard looking first person shooter.

OpenGL gaming looks superb. Smooth and glitch free at full screen.

Wifi and bluetooth, accelerometer and compass, 10 hours of battery life (over a month in standby) and can run all current iPhone Apps out of the box.

It's half an inch thick, has a 9.7 inch display, a full capacative multi touch screen and... here's the biggie... a home grown 1 GHz home-grown Apple chip!

Full screen HD clip of Star Trek looks fantastic

He's typing on a pop-up on screen keybaord. It looks pretty responsive, then on to iPhoto.

Jobs is sitting in his comfy chair basically browsing about on the Web. He just opened a page with a broken Flash icon. Oops!

Super smooth scrolling, slide to unlock like the iPhone. Steve is pootling around on

True to most expectations, it looks like a giant iPhone.

It's official. The iPad has landed.

Looks like they're going straight to the meat. Jobs is talking about a middle ground between laptops and smart phones. Says everyone thought it was netbooks, "but they're not good at anything."

Just about every tech site on the planet has gone down. The traffic must be incredible. We're still here tho'

Like clockwork... Jobs is on the stage. Big grins all round. Massive applause.

T Day is here. Let's hope it was worth the anticipation. "Please silence your phones, our program will begin shortly." Lots of fumbling in pockets and bags. D'oh!

Just five minutes to go. We think a couple of overexcited tame Apple hacks might have wee'd themselves.

Lots of comments about the chair and how El Jobso might not be up to standing for an hour given his recent health issues.

Inside the theatre and Bob Dylan is playing. One of Steve's faves. Looks like he might be here after all. There's a comfy chair with a little coffee table next to it on the stage. And of course the usual humongous screen.

The big discussion in the crowd is about how the Apple Store is still up and running. It normally goes down about an hour before big announcements. Not sure if that means anything other than they've worked out a better way to update the servers.

It's looking seriously crowded. People are joking about being trampled!

People are being allowed into the building. There are still long lines of attendees in the registration areas.

Some people are complaining that wifi access inside the building is being blocked, people are even having problems with wireless mice. Looks like the usual Apple media blackout has taken an extra turn this time.