Microsoft Publishes Details Of Windows Mobile 6.5 SDK Before Removing It

Microsoft Corp has pulled the software development kit (SDK) for Windows Mobile 6.5 platform it accidentally published on its site on 22 January, the company has noted.

The firm has pulled down some info on Monday related to the Windows Mobile 6.5 SDK released over the last weekend. Some developers who reportedly downloaded the SDK are claiming that the kit contained bits of Microsoft’s yet-to-be-released Windows Mobile version 6.5.3.

Announcing the pull down, a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement: “On Friday, January 22nd Microsoft prematurely posted a version of an upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5 SDK to a public facing Web page. While the SDK was not announced or promoted, it was discovered and generated questions from the community.”

The spokesperson further went on to say that the SDK beta was in testing phase and would be reposted again as soon as the final testing of it was done.

This baffling move from Microsoft would presumably give air to speculations surrounding the software giant’s mobile roadmap as well as the much awaited release of Windows Mobile 7.

While some are claiming that software maker will announce the next version of the OS at Mobile World Congress scheduled for the next month, another group is pointing that the launch is delayed till next year.

Our Comments

Nothing spectacular has been noted in the SDK apparently. It seems therefore that the next iteration will only be a minor update to the current existing version. All of us will be focused towards Wnidows 7 in the hope that Microsotft can come up with something spectacular enough to challenge the iPhone and Google.

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