More Compelling Photos Of Apple Tablet Emerge

A set of pictures of what appears to be Apple's forthcoming Tablet have been published by popular technology blog Engadget and have been confirmed by an independent separate source in Apple itself.

The photos (here) show a tablet like device that appears to have been encased in an awkward looking chassis and bolted to a table.

The obvious reason for that is to prevent anyone to lift the tablet and flip it over (or even steal it). Based on the photos (and the photos alone), we can guess that the tablet will have a rather thick bezel for some reason.

There's the immediately recognisable "home" button, 3G connectivity and WiFi (check the top left hand side of the screen) and comes with the iPhone OS as expected.

Although parts of the Tablet on the photos were covered with white rectangles, one can expect to see a number of connectors on the Apple Tablet.

A 30-pin connector at the bottom, a 3.5-mm headphone socket on the left hand side and some more at the top. The third picture appears to be showing a connector on the left.

The last photo in the series shows a notch at the top of the device which could indicate the presence of a face camera. More importantly, it does provide with an important comparison as it includes an iPhone.

(Picture provided by Engadget).