Samsung starts 3D TV panel mass production

Korean electronics giant Samsung claims it is the first company to start mass production of specialised panels for 3D TVs

The company is now rolliing out LED and LCD panels which are compatible with 'active' 3D glasses in 40, 46 and 55-inch inch flavours.

The full HD panels will run at 240Hz, allowing 240 frames per second, more than enough to accommodate the glasses which deliver separate images to your brain by blocking each eye in turn using active LCD lenses synchronised to the screen.

Samsung says it has managed to reduce the response times of its panels by 20 per cent to less than four milliseconds which should deliver smooth, flicker-free 3D images.

Active glasses have advantages over the more familiar polarising glasses you might have used in the cinema as they allow the screen to be viewed at the full native resolution. They are, however, heavier and bulkier as they contain electronic gubbins, are liable to fail for the same reason, and will be substantially more expensive.

3D cinema is currently riding high on the wave caused by James Cameron's Avatar which is soon expected to become the highest grossing film of all time.

The 3D TV market is predicted to be worth more than $18 billion within a decade.