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Stopbadware Becomes Independent Not-for-profit Organisation

StopBadware, the four-year old anti-malware project that was conceived at Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, is on its way of becoming a separate non-profit organisation.

The project’s transformation into a non-profit organisation is being funded by organisations like Google, PayPal and Mozilla to name a few, but the specific amount being funneled in by these companies has not been disclosed.

StopBadware was launched back in 2006 with the sole aim of helping companies and individuals in their fight to keep malicious elements such as spyware, viruses, adware and other malware off their sites.

The project works with its network of partners to collect and analyze data to build community momentum in fighting ‘Badware’.

According to StopBadware’s definition, Badware is any application that acts deceptively or irreversibly and which engages in potentially objectionable behavior without the knowledge of the user or without obtaining authorisation from the user.

The Executive Director of StopBadware, Maxim Weinstein, commenting on the initiatives that will be taken by the company in the near future, added that “Badware remains a growing problem, but in the past few years, there’s also been a growing sense that this is a problem we -- the Internet community -- can and should work together to address.”

Our Comments

Stopbadware has grown to become a very important part of the anti spam ecosystem. Since Captcha has already been bought by Google, StopBadware had to become independent so that it can continue its job more effectively. Malware is becoming even more aggressive and insidious.

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