5 Ways The Apple iPad Let Us Down

The iPad is a great piece of engineering and because it is an Apple product is likely to be sold and adored by millions over the next few years and certainly for a period as long as the iPod itself.

However, the device itself is not without its flaws and note that we are evaluating and are being positively critical about the hardware and software, not the whole ecosystem.

(1) Camera

There's no camera, No Front or back camera and yes, this was one of the two very big disappointments that hit us. We don't believe that this has to do with cost cutting or with any technological barriers. The iPad by itself is powerful enough to handle photos or live chats via iChat. We think that Apple deliberately withdrew camera functionality so that you have a good reason to buy version 2.

(2) Multitasking

We're all crying for multitasking capabilities. Playing with the Nexus One was an eye-opener when it came to multi tasking (ed: 10-inch Nexus One anyone?). The lack of multi tasking means that it will be having some real problems competing with future competitors. It is also superbly counter productive; how to copy and paste snippets of texts from Page to Keynote for example? Again, there's no technical reason to explain this. Even the T-Mobile G1 could do multi tasking and it had an even older processor.

(3) Screen Ratio

The screen is not HD ready and is not even widescreen. With a 4:3 screen ratio, Apple has in mind to take on the Kindle as it is nearer to the length to width ratio of an A4 (1.414:1) or Letter sheet (1.29:1). A normal widescreen has a screen ratio of 1.78:1. The screen itself displays 132 pixels per inch compared to 163 ppi for the iPhone and iPod Touch, 23 percent less.

Furthermore, the screen is not even HD ready; granted that with a 10-inch screen resolution, it doesn't really makes sense and is purely academic, but then, it would certainly have a bonus to have SXGA resolution (1280x1024) rather than merely XGA. Then again, maybe (certainly) next time.

(4) Battery Life

Apple quotes a battery life of 10 hours for the Tablet. The Samsung N210 Netbook promises 12 hours. True, it's only a netbook and doesn't offer half the bells and whistles that the iPad tablet offered but then Apple did everything it could to improve the battery.

The battery is a 25Whr model that's built in and although we don't know the details to compute it in Ampere/hour, we expect it to be about 2.2Ah (for a 12v battery) which roughly equates to a 3-cell model. In comparison, the Amazon Kindle uses a 1.53Ah battery and has a quoted battery life of 7 days with wireless on and 14 days without wireless, that's 168 and 336 hours respectively.

(5) Flash

Why is Apple being stubborn and keeping Flash off the iPhone? There's no technical reasons for it to do so. Flash is ubiquitous and if Apple really wants uses to get the best experience it will have to allow Flash onboard. As the Guardian mentions, not seeing Flash will be a massive impediment for advertisers as well whose adverts can't be seen. Come on Apple, Adobe loves you and helped you during all the years when you were an has-been (remember Sculley?) so why shun it now?