Apple Debuts New SDK 3.2 For iPad

Apple has unveiled the iPad-only iPhone 3.2 software development kit (SDK) in beta to developers, bringing raft of cutting-edge features and capabilities to make the launch of perhaps Apple’s most anticipated device an imposing success.

Although the device showcased at the launching event didn’t sport a camera, iPhone 3.2 SDK ‘simulator’ for iPad points out that the device could include a camera when it is shipped after a couple of months.

However, unfortunately for iPhone and iPod Touch users, the slew of technological enhancements being introduced with the new iPhone 3.2 SDK would stay confined only to iPad.

The accompanying document suggests that APIs integrated with the SDK will enable developers to develop applications that would make use of the external displays attached to the iPad.

The SDK further includes a shared file directory along with tools to create universal apps compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices plus a virtual iPad that can be run on the developer's computer.

In addition to this, Apple has also incorporated a sample code to facilitate the developers in getting started with creating apps for the iPad platform, as well as universal apps.

The SDK also includes a dock connector tool to allow the iPad to display content on some external device. It has further lent support for rich text in the UITextInput that paves the way for different sizes, fonts, etc.

Our Comments

So it seems that some Apps will be compatible with the iPad only rather than with the iPod Touch and the iPhone. Until now, we did not know of any Apps that was compatible only with the iPod Touch or the iPhone. Now the iPad is likely to make life even more interesting for developers.

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