Apple Is Doing A "Gillette" With The iPad

Apple is employing the same sales strategy as razor blade manufacturer Gillette for the iPad tablet it seems as it announced a slew of accessories for the yet-to-be-sold device that could add 68 percent to the price of the base-unit.

(ed : Doing a Gillette means selling the razor for cheap and then charging a premium for the blades).

Using Apple's own real and estimated accessories prices, we were able to piece together how much it would cost to get some of essential accessories for the iPad. The basic version of the iPad costs $499 in the US.

The remote control ($19), camera connection kit ($29), the dock connector to VGA adaptor ($29), the iPad dock ($29), the case ($39), the Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic ($29), the Keyboard dock ($69), Apple Care ($69) and the iWork suite ($30) would set you a jaw dropping $342.

One could argue that none of those accessories listed are absolutely essential and that (a) you can perfectly use the iPad without any options (b) you will certainly be able to buy cheaper alternatives from third parties when the iPad is effectively launched and (c) if you have bought accessories already for the iPod/iPhone, chances are that they will work (except perhaps for the docking stations).

Apple has already confirmed that it will be throwing in an iPad dock connector to USB cable, a USB power adaptor and documentation. Furthermore, we have some doubts as to whether Apple is actually making money from the iPad if at all. But that's the subject of another article.

(Ed: Speaking of iPad and Gillette, why not have a laugh with this iPad spoof TV show produced two years ago).

Our Comments

Apple makes money on accessories it sells and the fact that it still maintained its hardware platform as closed as possible is testament to Apple's still paranoid tendencies to keep competition as far as possible. Still no USB, still no SD card and for some reasons, a microSIM card.

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