Apple iPad Tablet Predictions : Were We Right?

After a major product launch, it is customary that we do a review of what we predicted and what was actually revealed and we shall see what we got right and what went awfully wrong. Predictions were laid out here a few days ago.

Firstly, we got the name wrong. We went for the bookies' favourites with the iSlate but the iPad won the day and it will be interesting to see whether Fujitsu gives up the fight as it had trademarked the name and launched a product that is still on sale.

It did come with a 10-inch screen (well almost) capacitive touchscreen. No OLED as we expected, oh and we were spot on the fact that it was indeed a tablet (but that was easy).

Apple did not use Intel's platform and went for one of its own custom designs, built with the expertise of PA Semiconductors. It is a System on Chip ARM solution that runs at 1GHz and seemingly abandons Power Architecture platform altogether.

Last but not least, the iPad runs on the iPhone OS. We got this one right again. There was no chance that Apple would get Mac OS X to run on something as elegant as the iPad Tablet.

We got the price wrong ($1000 or £600) as well as the subsidy/subcription plans in our previous prediction article. No cloud-based model in sight for now but we did get WiFI and 3G as well as synchronisation with the iPhone right.

Our Comments

So we got roughly half percent of our predictions right but we did not perform as badly as Calacanis who made a complete fool of himself by predicting that the device would have a solar panel, a HDTV tuner with PVR funtionality and Farmville preloaded.

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