Apple Releases iWork For iPad, No Plans For iPhone Version

In a bid to extend the potential target user base for its recently announced iPad device, Apple has announced the iWork version optimised for the tablet computing gadget.

Aimed at business professionals, iWork is the Apple’s signature software suite, which includes effective features like Keynotes for presentations, Pages for word processing, as well as Number for spreadsheets.

With the addition of iWork on iPad, the company apparently seeks to capitalise upon the iPad’s multi touch capabilities to woo the executive class.

Apple’s marketing executive Phil Schiller demonstrated the functioning of different iWork applications on iPad, which is powered by the iPhone OS.

Various iWok apps launch to a catalogue of documents, of which users simply select the document that is needed to be opened. In addition, it also presents the user with an on-screen keyboard as soon as the need for typing the text arises.

In terms of functionality, iWork’s Keynotes functions only in the landscape mode, while Pages has received a new tool page, codenamed as “Page Navigator”, where users can hold their finger to have access to a loupe to scan through different pages.

iWork apps for iPad can be purchased from iTunes Store at a price of $10 each and is not planning to offer a "suite" version.

Our Comments

Apple has no plans for an iWork for iPad it seems. Anyhow it wouldn't really make sense given the fact the the iPod Touch, the Funnest iPod ever, and the iPhone have limited screen areas and low resolutions which would make them fairly useless as work platforms.

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