Chinese Government Won't Block Google Android Phones

The Chinese government has announced that it will not impose laws on Google’s Android operating system that will restrict the use of the mobile phone operating system by China’s telecommunication services providers.

Zhu Hongren, a spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said in an official statement that “As long as it complies with Chinese laws and regulations and as long as it has good cooperation with operators...their use of the system won't be limited.”

The Chinese mobile phone market has a lot of Android based phones in circulation and are currently being distributed by the country’s three major telecom service providers, which incidentally are state-owned.

Last week, Google Inc. had announced that the company is planning to postpone the launch of two smartphones jointly developed with Samsung and Motorola that run on the Android operating system.

The official statement issued by the Chinese government indicates the fact that the government is willing to let Google Inc. operate certain parts of its business in China.

The search engine giant had earlier threatened to stop its business operations in China if the government does not allow it to run its search engine in a censorship-free environment following the highly sophisticated cyber attack on Google that had originated from China.

Our Comments

China doesn't want to be seen as a rogue or bullying nation which is certainly why it didn't block Google outright or kick out the company outright after it discovered that hackers from China managed to behave badly on its website.

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