Could Apple Launch A Mini-Me iPad?

Kudos to the Register for coming up with an "exclusive" about a potential Pocket iPad which would be a pocket-sized version of the tablet device complete with voice technology.

A deep throat who knows a lot about the project said that there are already many miniPads roaming around before adding "You may have met someone who's got their hands on the future of the iPad already".

There are also rumours that the iPad will be the first of a number of other devices stemming from the original model.

Now, this is the Register and the site, whose tagline is biting the hand that feeds it, is notorious for sometimes mistaking reality for fiction and vice-versa (or trying to confound its readers).

A micro iPad would be too close to the iPod Touch to make sense really. However, Apple could potentially launch a direct competitor to the 6-inch Kindle model but would be faced with a headache when it comes to positioning the product.

The cheapest iPod, the 8GB, costs $199 with the 64GB model with a pair of improved features, costs twice as much. The 16GB iPad with WiFi in comparison costs $499. So, Apple could effectively launch a $349 model with 8GB memory and a 6-inch screen if it wanted to.

Our Comments

Although the Register's article is essentially a spoof, the idea itself is interesting. A cheap iPad could be used to kill the iPod Touch altogether as well as the iPod family gradually and introduce more people to the concept of integrated media distribution. Text, Audio, App, Video and Photos delivered through one system.

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