Flash has a future on the iPad

Hot on the heels of Apple's iPad announcement, and in response to some commentators bemoaning the fact that the device won't be Flash capable out of the box, Adobe has made it clear that there is a place for its software on the soon-to-be annoyingly-everywhere appliance.

Adobe Blogger Michael Chow says: "This is an exciting time to be a software designer with an explosion of new devices and we look forward to helping Flash developers and designers bring innovative applications to these devices using our tools and framework.

Developers already have access to Adobe's Packager which helps create native Flash Apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but it doesn't current;y support the iPad's higher screen resolution.

Adobe is currently scrabbling to get a new version of the APIs out of the door after Apple announced probably the worst kept secret the tech world has ever known. But they are also saying that, as the current tools already provide developers with the ability to create scaleable application without making assumptions about the resolution of the screen, they should carry on coding.

The company is looking for guinea pigs to test out the new toolkit and is asking for developers intending to code Apps for the holy trinity of iDevices, and especially the iPad, to get in touch.