Law Company Goes After "Imaginary" Filesharers Across UK

Consumer group Which? Computer has asserted that it has been approached by 150 web users who said they have been falsely targeted by a law firm going after the illegal file sharers across the web.

Law firm ACS:Law has been sending out letters to the offenders, as informed by the internet service providers (ISPs) for settling the file-sharing allegations out of court in exchange of a sum of £500.

However originally the scheme was drafted and run by Davenport Lyons’ lawyers, but later on it was passed on to ACS:Law along with some staff.

Which? said that it has already been approached by more than 150 people, claiming to have received letters from ACS:Law for allegations over illicit file sharing. The users in question noted that they absolutely have no idea as to what offences they have allegedly been committing.

Matt Bath, the magazine’s technology editor, evinced his discontent by saying, “Innocent consumers are being threatened with legal action for copyright infringements they not only haven't committed, but wouldn't know how to commit”.

Meanwhile, the law firm, on its website, is purporting that more than 80 percent of the defendants went for out of court settlement for money more than initially claimed.

Our Comments

However, none of the law firm’s actions has ended up in a court trial, and henceforth it is being investigated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Now that is slightly dodgy one might add and it will be supremely interesting to see how Which? Legal department tackles this issue.

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