McGraw Hill given iBoot from tablet launch

Publishing boss Terry McGraw could well be up before the board of his educational publishing company this morning after a massive gaffe on national television angered Apple bosses.

As we reported yesterday, the clueless commentator let slip not only that Apple would be launching a tablet device - the first time a credible source had actually done so - but he also confirmed that the eagerly anticipated device would use the iPhone operating system.

He then blathered on about the great relationship his company had with Apple and how he would be porting 95 per cent of his firm's output to the new - and until then unannounced - device.

Fast forward a few short hours to Steve Jobs' Moses-like appearance at Apple's iPad announcement. It's not long before Steve is talking about the iPad's book reader software iBook and the partners who will populate the iBook Store.

Anyone notice a notable publishing company missing from this slide?

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Oh dear. We said Steve was gonna kill him!