Sky beams first 3D broadcast down the pub

Satellite broadcaster Sky will debut its forthcoming 3D service with a live football match to be shown in a handful of secret pub locations.

The Premiere League match between Arsenal and Manchester United will be screened at nine secret locations on Sunday. We can only hope the locations are not leaked before the event. If they are, we predict a riot. The screenings are expected to be closed-door affairs for regular drinkers.

Punters in the London, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Dublin boozers will be able to see every lump in Wayne Rooney's head by wearing special glasses. Passers by are likely to be confused by the sight of a bunch of beery football fans sitting in the dark wearing sunglasses.

Apparently the technical team from Sky have been picking the brains of Avatar director and 3D evangelist James Cameron.

If the state of the crowd in our local boozer on a Sunday afternoon is anything to go by, they won't need special glasses to see double.

Sky is expected to roll out its regular 3D service in April but HD subscribers will need to fork out for a new telly capable of showing the double-the-frequency pictures.