Stephen Fry gets all teary about iPad

Unashamed Apple fanboy Stephen Fry waxes lyrical about Apple's "magical" new device in his personal blog today.

National treasure Fry attended yesterday's Apple iPad launch as "a private individual" yesterday and his musings on the Second Coming of the computer make compelling reading. Although those of you who have yet to indoctrinated into worshiping at the altar of St Eve of Jobs may find his enthusiastic outpourings a but too "Disney" as Stephen himself puts it.

Fry dismisses the legion of naysayers who have dismissed the iPad as an overgrown Iphone for one simple reason. The vast majority of them have never held one in their trembling hands as the TV presenter, author and all round nice chap did at yesterday's exclusive hands-on session in California.

"The moment you experience it in your hands you know this is class," says Fry in his personal blog. "This is a different order of experience. The speed, the responsiveness, the smooth glide of it, the richness and detail of the display, the heft in your hand, the rightness of the actions and gestures that you employ, untutored and instinctively, it’s not just a scaled up iPhone or a scaled-down multitouch enhanced laptop – it is a whole new kind of device. And it will change so much."

Most of what you will read about the iPad will be written either by paid journalists who will probably never lay hands on the device, or know-nothing bloggers with an anti-Apple axe to grind.

If you want the opinion of one of the most intelligent, erudite and self-effacing commentators out there, and one who has no hidden agenda other than a truly overpowering love of technology in general and Apple in particular, you could do worse than to wrap yourself in Stephen's warm and enveloping prose for a moment or two.

You might hate Apple but Fry's enthusiasm is so charming, you might even be tempted to move over to the fruity side.