UK publishers love the Apple iPad

Britain's book sellers are celebrating the launch of Apple's Second Coming of the computer and its new iTunes-for-bookworms service.

According to, UK publishers have welcomed the launch of the iPad as an important step in the transition towards electronic books hailing it as "the most significant step yet".

Publishing chiefs have been queuing up to praise the iPad and its iBook software, which will hook up with the iBook Store, following the scarily popular model set up by the company's iTunes money spinner.

And so they should because, if Apple can do for digital books what it did for music downloads (iTunes if by far and away the biggest retailer of music on the planet), the best of the forward-thinking publishing houses will be rolling around on piles of Apple-scented cash in the not too distant future.

Apple Oberfürhrer Steve Jobs, who did a pretty good job of trashing Amazon's Kindle at his keynote announcement in front of thousands of adoring fans (and a couple of whooping idiots... why don't they throw those pinheads out?) said that he was ready to open the floodgates to publishers in order to brush aside Amazon's soon-to-be-obsolete monochrome one-trick pony.

Publishers will be able to set their own prices and will receive an as-yet undisclosed percentage of the revenue generated. If the App Store is anything to go by, Apple will skim 30 per cent off of the download cost and give the rest to the publisher, which will probably send a few pennies on to the author.