3 Networks Celebrates Activation Of 10,000th Cell Site

3, one of UK’s most prominent mobile services provider, has announced that the company has successfully activated its 10000th cell site in Shooters Hill, London and has also indicated that the telecom services vendor intends to activate 3000 more cell sites during 2010.

The company, which has the biggest 3G network coverage in the UK, claimed that now, after the launch of the Shooter Hill site, the company’s 3G coverage has been boosted to 93 percent.

The Chief Technology Officer of 3, Graham Baxter, commenting on the expansion, said in a statement that “Our network is already the biggest 3G network in the UK. Now we’re adding new coverage and capacity across the country to meet demand and bring the benefits of 3G to people who’ve never had access in their area before.”

Apart from the new 3G coverage tower, 3 also dished out a brand new consumer policy which will be aimed at advising customers about their 3G coverage opportunities and resolving technical issues in case the consumers are not getting proper 3G coverage at home.

Currently the company is in the middle of carrying out a massive 50:50 joint venture with T-Mobile, called the Mobile Broadband Network Limited (MBNL), which incidentally is the largest 3G network sharing joint venture of all time.