Amazon To Contest Google Books Agreement, the online retail giant, has voiced its concern over a revised deal that will allow Google Books to create a massive online library by scanning the literary works of authors around the world and making them available for sale online.

In a statement, which echoes the belief of writers and publishers around the world, requested a New York City District Court to reject the revised deal pertaining to the fate of Google Books. Amazon claimed that proposed agreement is in violation of the US Copyright Act, and that the settlement would give Google rights that would effectively lead to a monopoly.

Apart from Amazon, several known authors and publishers have signed innumerable petitions against the revised Google Books deal as a US Court has given the deadline of January 28th to individuals and organisations that have objections against the Google Books Project.

Google Books was first launched in 2008 with the mission of scanning millions of books from around the world with the intention of making them publically available online, for sale. However, the project stumbled upon a roadblock as Authors Guild of America and Association of American Publishers sued Google, accusing its Books Project of ‘massive copyright infringements’.