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Apple Gives Nod To VoIP Calling Over iPhone

After a considerably long period of reluctance, Apple has finally approved the use of VoIP telephony services over cellular networks on its signature iPhone, it has been emerged.

Several companies offering the internet telephony services, including iCall, Acrobits, and Frings, have informed about the Cupertino’s new move through their press releases.

Additionally, WalkieTalkie VOIP, a VoIP app developer, has noted that their update for the IP telephony service being reviewed by Apple, and is believed to be released shortly.

However, there’s a little twist in that, as VoIP calling on iPhone has only been allowed on Wi-Fi connections that don’t possess the 3G cellular networks range.

Apple on Thursday ascertained the change, and asserted that it implements to application on the iPhone and Apple’s much-heralded iPad tablet computing device announced this week.

The move perhaps owes to the changes the company introduced in the beta iteration 3.2 of its iPhone SDK.

However, VoIP market leader Skype wasn’t reached immediately for comments, but the other companies are very excited about bringing their services onto the blockbuster iPhone.

Arlo Gilbert, chief executive of iCall, said in a statement: “I applaud Apple's decision to allow iCall to extend its functionality beyond Wi-Fi and onto the 3G networks”.

Incidentally, Apple earlier blocked Google Voice calling application on its App Store, claiming that the application would impact in-built iPhone telephony features.

The matter was escalated to the Federal Communications Commission, which subsequently launched a probe to assess competition in the wireless communications arena. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.