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Big Firms Leaning Towards Free Software, Says Survey

In what could be regarded as a big offset for companies like Microsoft and Adobe that are working hard on bringing handy software suites aimed at business professionals, a recent poll has discovered that a majority firms are going for free software applications across their networks.

A research poll commissioned by the UK-based software company Global Graphics revealed that more than half of the organisations are poised to boost up the use of free applications across their enterprise networks, with Adobe’s PDF Reader being the most preferred of them all.

Around 76 percent of CIOs surveyed claimed that they use free software applications at the organisational level, while a significant 88 percent claimed to have deployed the free software applications at departmental levels.

In addition, as many as 78 percent of the respondents claimed to have been using Adobe Reader at organisational and departmental level, while software applications like Adobe Flash Player and Java Runtime Environment were among the most commonly deployed ones.

The survey, carried out by the marketing-research firm Vanson Bourne, included 400 CIOs across the UK and the US.

Commenting upon the results of the poll, Gary Fry, CEO of Global Graphics, said in a statement: “Large organisations are perfectly prepared to use free software where possible, and upgrade to a full paid-for version of the product where it makes sense for them.” monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.