Canonical To Bring Yahoo Search To Ubuntu OS

Canonical, the company behind the open source Ubuntu Linux operating system, has announced a ‘search deal’ with Yahoo Inc. in which Yahoo! search engine will replace Google as the default search engine on homepage of Mozilla Firefox web browser, which will be shipped with version 10.4 of Ubuntu.

In a blog posted on the Ubuntu developer mailing list, Rick Spencer of Canonical said that this change in Firefox’s default search engine is the result of a revenue sharing deal with Yahoo! Inc. and the revenue generated by the deal will “help Canonical to provide developers and resources to continue the open development of Ubuntu and The Ubuntu Platform.”

However, even if Yahoo search engine gets to be the default search engine, Spencer also announced the default home page of the Firefox browser will adhere to the search provider settings applied by the user in Chrome (Mozilla's term for the little search box to the upper right, reachable by control-K).

This simply means that if a user has set Google as the default search provider, he will have the exact same experience as he does today. Interestingly, Google has been the default search engine on Mozilla Firefox since the browser was launched in 2004 and is instrumental in providing large amounts of funds for the development of the open source browser.