Chinese Mimic Google, YouTube Sites Following Google’s Exit Threat

Ever since Google has announced that it might pull back from the Chinese market over recent disputes with the nation’s government on matters relating to web censorships and attacks, a couple of knock-off sites have surfaced in China bearing deliberately uncanny resemblance to the search giant’s portals.

One of them is “”, a spoof of the company’s own search engine website, homepage of which includes a plea to Google to not leave China.

The Chinese name of the website is in fact a pun, which means “Google’s big sister”, and the homepage of the website reads, “Sister was very happy when brother gave up the thought of leaving and stayed for sister”.

The website has reportedly been created by a female student in Guangdong, and was put together by more than 20 people across the country, as mentioned by the Chinese media.

In addition, YouTube was another Google’s site that that has been targeted, and its spoof site, dubbed as “”, was surfaced alongside

The website offers real videos from YouTube, which was banned in China in 2008 after videos related to Tibetan unrest were posted on the website.

The two websites would have to face Chinese censorship and challenge pertaining to Google’s intellectual property rights, according to Xiao Qiang, director of Berkley China Internet Project.