Did Apple Swipe iPad’s iBook Design?

For all those who are thinking that they have already somewhere seen the iBooks e-reader app recently unveiled on the iPad device, a blogger has reportedly exposed the fact that the company might have ripped-off the UI from an existing iPhone app.

As mentioned by Wired News blogger Brian Chen, the similarities between Apple’s iBook e-reader app and that of an iPhone app Classics “are beyond the realm of coincidence”.

The popular iPhone book-reading app Classics encompasses a cluster of public-domain books in a glossy package that shows a UI with different titles placed on a bookshelf.

However, Chen further went on to suggest that the similarities between the two are simply beyond the look and feel of the interface.

Citing the same, Chen writes: “The pages emulate the look of a printed book page. The 3D page-flipping effect looks almost exactly the same. The only major difference is iBooks has a tool to change font point and type”.

Furthermore, iBooks app includes titles from some of the major publishing houses, including Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, MacMillan, Penguin, and Hachette book group.

However, interestingly, Phillip Ryu, one of the men behind Classics book-reading app, asserted that Classic’s bookshelf idea was inspired by an app named Delicious Library, and he had asked Delicious Library creator Wil Shipley for his approval before the app was released.