Five Things To Look Forward With The Apple iPad 2

We will possibly get shot down for even wondering how the Apple iPad v2 will look like while the iPad v1 is not even out but we can't help but wonder what Apple will present to us by January next year.

As expected, Apple will definitely come up with a brand new model in 2011 and one can bet that Apple will solve some of the issues here.

(a) Multi-Tasking + Flash

Apple will hopefully introduce multi-tasking in a forthcoming version of the iPhone OS together with support for Adobe Flash. These are certainly the two most requested improvements for the iPod and iPhone families and shall be extended to the iPad family.

Without them, the iPad will struggle against the torrent of ebook readers cum tablets that will flood the market between now and the end of the year.

(b) OLED screen

We would like to have a version of the iPad with an OLED screen. The price of OLED panels are expensive currently fetching around $500 for a 10-inch model and we can only hope that Apple gets manufacturers to drop the price of OLED technology to around $200 by next year for their 10-inch panel.

Organic LED have a faster response time than standard LCD and produces more natural colours. However OLED might not be ideal to display white backgrounds as it is the case for most books as it will consume significantly more power.

(c) Camera

The lack of camera puzzles us. Why wouldn't Apple launch an iPad with a camera? There's no reason for that really. Getting front and back cameras for the iPad would certainly tick yet another box and provide with another reason for customers to buy the iPad. Think video chats and augmented reality applications.

(d) Thinner Bezel

Apple needs to be significantly more smarter when it comes to the bezel. As we mentioned before, the only reason to have a big bezel is to allow punters to hold their iPad devices securely (using your thumb and four fingers like you'd hold any tablet).

Apple could introduce some capacitive sensors at the back of the iPad in the next iteration and significantly reduce the size of the iPad. The problem though is that your fingers might end up hiding part of the content.

(e) Less adaptors, More connectors

Apple is the only remaining major consumer electronics giant to stand in the way of standardisation. Sony Ericsson was the other behemoth that give up the fight and adopted universally accepted formats like microSD and mini USB.

Apple is still sticking to obsolete and expensive "adaptors" that you're likely to break and lose. So please, please, please Apple, shun the adaptors, bring in more connectors (wireless if possible). (Wireless) USB, microSD and (Wireless) HDMI if that's possible.