Fujitsu May Consider Suing Apple Over iPad Trademark

In a much expected move, IT services provider Fujitsu is mulling over the option of taking Apple to court for using the name iPad for its tablet computing gadget - the trademark Fujitsu holds for a touch screen Wi-Fi-enabled device launched in the year 2002.

In an interview with the New York Times, Fujitsu’s director of public relations, Masahiro Yamane, said that his company still owns the trademark in the US, and that the company is discussing with its lawyers to decide upon the next move it will take.

The situation reminds us that of a similar case against Apple a couple of years ago, when Cisco sued Cupertino for the name “iPhone”, a trademark which reportedly belonged to Cisco.

The LinkSys iPhone was reportedly unveiled just a few days before Apple launched its megahit iPhone device in early January 2007.

However, after months of legal wrangling, Cisco and Apple opted for settling their dispute, which saw both the companies retaining the trademark on devices they release worldwide.

Launched in 2002, Fujitsu’s iPad boasts of a 3.5-inch coloured touch screen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and has VoIP communications capability.

In addition, it also incorporates a laser scanner, along with a Mag Card Reader, and is nestles an Intel processor. The cost of the device is around $2,000.