iPad name contested by bra firm

When Apple announced its new tablet device on Wednesday, the company's lawyers were well aware that they would be facing a legal challenge from Japanese technology company Fujitsu over the moniker iPad.

Fujitsu has been marketing a hand-held device called the IPAD - which has a three-inch screen, a keypad and a barcode reader and is used by retailers to control stock levels - since 2002. The company applied for a trademark in 2003 but it was never granted. That little detail, however, has not stopped them from claiming ownership of the name in light of Apple's launch.

Fujitsu's claim is unlikely to bother Apple too much as the Cupertino company will have been well aware of the possible challenge to its new toy's name.

Some wags have also likened the iPad name to certain feminine hygeine products, suggesting that the device might overheat or become unresponsive every 28 days.

But our favourite oversight on behalf of the Apple branding team comes in the shapely form of a small Canadian company called Coconut Grove which makes... ahem, lady lump enhancement products.

The Ontario-based bra manufacturer owns the iPad trademark in the United States. “Unfortunately, we didn't register it for electronics or we'd all be retired,” boss Hylton Karon Karon told reporters.

To some Canadian women, then, an iPad is a breast-enhancing polyurethane insert which is popped inside the bra and, like a sheepdog, rounds them up and points them in the right direction.

Someone at Apple must be feeling a right [that's enough now - Ed].