Linux Foundation To Offer Free Online Courses

The Linux Foundation, the non-profit organisation behind the open-source Linux operating systems, has announced that it will be offering global online Linux training programs in order to meet the sudden increase in demand of Linux-related jobs in US based companies.

According to a recent report released by CNET, several US companies have reported a 50 percent increase in Linux-related jobs for 2009 alone.

This means that this year, companies will be hiring Linux certified applicants in bulk and therefore in order to offer IT professionals a better shot at employment, Linux Foundation will launch the training program, which will begin from 1st March.

The training program being offered by The Linux Foundation will include a free webinar series which will be hosted by the technical elite of the Linux kernel community and will include several topics such as "An Introduction to Git", "Linux System Troubleshooting and Tuning" along with "Linux Performance Tuning".

Jim Zemlin, the Executive Director of Linux Foundation, commenting on the newly launched training program, said that “All industry research points to the fact that demand for Linux talent is outpacing the supply. Our training program helps this by providing highly-technical training that provides job seekers with the skills they need to grow.”