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Is Motorola Prepping Google Nexus Phone 2?

Beleaguered mobile phone maker Motorola has announced that it will unleash another Android-powered handset that it looks to sell directly to consumers via Google, according to the company’s CEO Sanjay Jha.

This announcement markedly points out that the company is perhaps working on the second iteration of Google’s highly-touted Nexus phone range.

During the company’s last quarter earnings conference call, Jha said in a statement: “We plan to launch ... at least one direct-to-consumer device with Google”.

As speculated by Jha’s statement, there are chances that the company has been chosen to deliver the next version of the device, most likely to be dubbed as “Nexus Two”.

According to the earnings call as transcribed by, Jha revealed that the company is planning to launch more than 20 Android-powered phones this year with at least ten of those will incorporate the company’s flagship MOTOBLUR social networking software.

A new improved version of MOTOBLUR application will offer better security features and device management functionality to the users, Jha noted.

Laying out the company’s roadmap for this year, Jha told that its future portfolio for feature phones is set to decline, primarily because of the increased adoption of smartphones over feature phones.

Additionally, the company will indeed use its voice-centric low-end phones portfolio for brand building, and these devices are less likely to hit the US market.

However, the company’s CEO pointed out that Motorola will be launching “a portfolio of low-end voice phones for China, for Latin America, for southeast Asia, very little bit for U.S. and very little bit for Central and Eastern Europe.” monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.