Security Threats to Apple Devices Increasing, Claims Intego

Intego, a Mac oriented security software company, has released its annual ‘A Year in Mac Security’ report that highlights several security threats and vulnerabilities experienced by Apple’s Mac OX operating system for desktops and iPhone smartphone.

The report indicated that last year in 2009, the number of security threats to Apple devices increased significantly in terms of seriousness, ranging from software vulnerabilities and website exploits to sophisticated Trojans.

The company, which provides backup, antivirus, anti-spam, firewall and data protection software for Mac OS X operating system, went on to list the various software vulnerability and viruses that affected Apple’s devices in 2009. The list included ‘OSX.Trojan.iServices’, which snuck into pirated versions of Apple’s iWork suit and Adobe Photoshop CS4 in order to create back door in affected devices.

Interestingly, the Mac vulnerability study also details the massive 400 MB security patch released by Apple in May 2009, which covers 47 different security issues affecting Mac OSX, indicating that Apple’s security is not as good as it seems to be.

The iPhone OS 3.0 update rolled-out by the company during 2009, included more than 40 security patches. Intego also warned in the report that jailbroken iPhones are far more vulnerable to virus threats than normal ones as when an iPhone is jailbroken, more than 80 percent of security provided by Apple gets wiped-off.