Apple halts iMac production line

Apple has halted production of all 27-inch iMac all-in-one computers after it failed to find the fault causing flickering screens which have been reported for several months now.

According to a factory insider who spoke to Hardmac, the assembly lines (presumably in China) have been completely halted while engineers try to track down the cause of the problem.

Apple is now telling potential buyers of its Intel Core i5 and i7-equipped computers that can't meet delivery deadlines. A software fix is being sought for existing users who have experienced the well-documented flashing display problem, but if the issue cannot be resolved with a software or firmware update, Apple could be forced to instigate an expensive and damaging hardware recall for the wayward machines.

The UK Apple store is currently showing three-week shipping times for the two top-of-the-range 27-inch iMacs. More usually Apple ships hardware within 24 hours as is the case with all other models in the iMac range.

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