Apple iPad To Reach UK Shores In March

Apple has confirmed on its UK website that the iPad will be launched in April in 3G version with WiFi models available in March 2010 although pricing details haven't been disclosed yet.

Interestingly, Apple hasn't updated the pricing for the UK version of the page. Clicking on pricing shows the six versions of the iPad in US dollars with a line saying that "International pricing will be announced at a later date."

The iPad has been launched less than one week ago and has already generated significant amount of reviews and comments, both negative and positive, online with some saying that it is only an oversized iPod Touch while others reckon it might be the saviour of the publishing industry.

This ties up with our previous estimate (between March 2010 and June 2010) for the launch of the iPad and could point to the wish from the Cupertino-based company to have a simultaneous product launch rather than a staggered one.

We expect the cheapest iPad (16GB and WiFi only) to cost as little as £385 with the more expensive model (64GB, 3G) costing as much as £639 including delivery, significantly more than the US pricing.

A number of mobile network operators - including Orange and O2 - are rumoured to be buying micro SIM cards, the only compatible format, for the iPad.

Our Comments

A March deadline means that Apple has only a few weeks to nail down and tie any loose ends. This means bringing together partnerships - both network and content - as well as ironing out any hardware and software issues that might exist. So bring on the iPad.

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