Foreign Hackers Stole Climategate Emails Says Ex-Chief Scientist

UK Government’s former Chief Scientist, Sir David King, has claimed that the stolen emails at the core of the "Climategate" scandal had most probably been stolen by spies of foreign intelligence agencies.

Back in December, right before the Copenhagen climate conference, hundreds of emails belonging to scientists of the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit, were stolen from the university’s server and posted on the internet, in an attempt to disrupt the climate talks.

The emails, which went back thirteen years, contained private messages of scientist that indicated scientific misconduct of the part of climate scientists who were conducting the research.

The hack and the subsequent leak that followed, was successful in causing global outrage, fulfilling the purpose of those involved in the hack.

Sir David King, who has served under former British Prime Minister Tony Blair for seven years, expressed his suspicions towards several foreign agencies.

He told the Independent that “There are several bodies of people who could do this sort of work. These are national intelligence agencies and it seems to me that it was the work of such a group of people.”

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The stolen data consisted of around 1000 private emails and 2000 documents that suggested that climate scientists had withheld vital information from being posted in their findings related to the issue of global warming.

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