Google To Pay Freelancers To Identify Serious Chrome Bugs

Google Inc. has announced that the company will start paying external researchers who are successful in finding and reporting security vulnerability in the Chrome web browser and its underlying open source code.

The company announced on its Chromium project blog, that in order to weed out vulnerabilities from the open source offering, the search engine giant will offer monetary rewards to those who help Chrome to ‘stay on top of the latest browser security features.’

The search engine giant plans to offer spotters of new security bugs in Chrome browser and Chromium open source project, a monetary reward of $500 (£314), provided that the bug is reported through the Chromium Bug Tracker, under the ‘Security Bug’ section.

However, in addition to the $500 reward, the company plans to offer a whopping $1,337 (£840) to researchers who find a ‘particular bug particularly severe or particularly clever.’

Interestingly, Google also acknowledged ‘folks at Mozilla’, who produce the popular Firefox browser, congratulating them for their long-running and highly successful vulnerability reward program.

Chris Evans, the head of Google Chrome Security, expressing his enthusiasm over the newly launched program, posted on the blog that “We are hoping that the introduction of this program will encourage new individuals to participate in Chromium security. The more people involved in scrutinizing Chromium's code and behavior, the more secure our millions of users will be.”

Our Comments

For those who haven't yet identified the reason why Google is paying $1337, that's because it reads LEET, which is a colloquialism for Elite in Leetspeak as used by gamers, geeks and those in technology. Obviously, the $1337 is only paid to those who find the most severe bugs.

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