Nokia Disputes Apple's Claims Of "Largest Mobile Device Company Worldwide"

Reacting to claims made by Apple CEO, Steve Jobs that Apple was the largest mobile device company in the world, Nokia’s Mark Squires posted an article titled ‘A Fruit Confused?’ on Nokia Conversations blogs, in an attempt to ‘set the record straight’ in the eyes of the media.

Squires, sounding mildly amused by Apple’s claim, wrote on the blog that “Reading coverage of one of our competitor’s much hyped web pad event this week, I was surprised to see that, by revenue, they were claiming in their leader’s keynote to be the largest mobile devices company in the world.”

In the blog post, Mark Squires further went on to underline the stark difference between Apple’s claims and what the reality actually is by quoting an article from a leading financial news paper, which also did not fail to notice Steve Job’s jibe at the Finnish mobile phone company.

Squires, who is the Head of Social Media Communications at Nokia, claimed that Jobs was not using a generally accepted and ‘stable’ definition of mobile devices (no laptops included) and that made the comparison between the companies quite unfair.

According to Mark’s definition, Nokia is a bigger company than Apple as Nokia had posted revenues of 8.18 billion Euros as compared to Apple’s 7.25 billion Euros, for the period of October to November last year.

Our Comments

Nice to see Nokia and Apple fight against, even if it is a polite one. No one can really forget the fact that Apple and Nokia are currently engaged in a pretty bitter battle after Nokia has accused Apple of patent infringements and Apple lambasted Nokia for doing so.

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