Sky pumps up the storage

UK satellite broadcaster Sky has announced that it will soon be offering the largest capacity personal video recorder in Europe.

The New Sky+HD boxes will quadruple the capacity of current offerings from the Rupert Murdoch-owned company from 250GB to a whole terabyte (1TB) allowing up to 160 hours of user-defined HD content to be stored. Sky Anytime, which prerecords popular shows and films automagically, has also been beefed up 160 hours.

Anyone who owns the current Sky+HD kit will be all too aware that recording HD programmes eats up to ten times as much space as standard definition programming. It can lead to a world of pain where you are constantly juggling which bits of telly you want to keep, and which bits your girlfriend recorded and which, therefore can be summarily binned without hesitation or consultation.

There are currently 37 channels broadcasting in high definition but that is set to grow to more than 50 in Spring 2010.