Smartphone Sales Surged To 53 Million In 2009

Strategy Analytics, a global market research and consulting firm, has released data which suggests that smartphone sales have jumped 30 percent year on year during the fourth quarter of 2009 to 53 million units while mobile handsets on the whole saw a sales jump of 12 percent.

According to the data, Nokia, Research in Motion and Apple Inc, remained the top three vendors of smartphone devices, which have handsets that are capable of running internet browsers and software applications.

The Boston based research company reported that increased consumer spending and the availability of new mobile devices with faster broadband capabilities, were the main reasons behind the meteoric rise in smartphone sales.

Nokia, the Finland based mobile phone giant, sold 39.2 percent of all the smartphones that were shipped during the 4th quarter of 2009, a small increase from 37 percent recorded in the previous quarter

Research in Motion, the company behind the popular Blackberry devices, sold 20.2 percent of smartphones that were shipped in totality, citing a marginal increase from 18.6 percent. However, Apple ended up selling 16.4 percent of the total smartphone horde, from 10.8 percent.

Our Comments

Nokia shipped a total of 20.8 million smartphones as compared to the 10.7 million sold by Research in Motion, which means that Apple ended up selling a total of 8.7 million, almost double of what it had sold in the previous quarter. This is by any measure a pretty impressive number given that Apple is fairly new in the smartphone market.

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